How to Become a Good Cook: A Beginner’s Guide

There are many cooking programs now on television and the occupation as a chef becomes even more popular. Looking at those professional chefs, it must be really cool to be one of them. Chefs do look fashionable and smart, and the profession itself looks fun.

Being a cook or chef is said to be one of the professions that can be learned from a hobby. Working on something you love would be more fun. In addition, this occupation has an extensive opportunity. The profession will be able to continue to exist whatever the conditions. Also, the availability of ingredients from nature makes the culinary business very easy to conduct.

There are some advantages you can get if you are good at cooking.

First, most people have to spend a lot of money if they want to eat a delicious meal. However, it will not be so if they are good at cooking since they can cook the dishes by themselves at home. No need to spend money by booking a restaurant reservation for a table anymore. Being able to mix your own food also lets you save your expenses since you just need to allocate funds to buy raw materials that are certainly cheaper. This way, it’s guaranteed that your monthly expenses stay safe.

Second, there is a pleasure of serving the dishes to other people. Since you do all the whole process on your own, mostly, from shopping the ingredients, making the seasoning, processing it by cooking, serving the food, you will feel the satisfaction when finished serving your own cuisine.How to Become a Good Cook: A Beginner’s Guide

Third, this hobby could be a source of income. You can become a home chef and open your own culinary business, starting from selling food, opening a cafe or restaurant, to have your own catering business. The profit you will earn is no kidding. That is why having cooking as a hobby is marvelous.

However, some people who have never cooked often experience difficulties at the beginning of their cooking experiment and may have experienced accidents in the kitchen such as hot oil sprays or cuts when cutting onions and vegetables. Sometimes it can be one of the reasons for those who just learn to cook feel reluctant to cook again. The thing is, learning must be conducted step by step. If we are a beginner, we need to take it easy and try to understand the basics first before proceeding to the next stage. To master skills, we do need to be extra patient and keen. Here are some basic things to take into account if you want to be a cook, whether you just want to do it as a hobby or a profession.

Tips on How to Become a Good Cook

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect, and this proverb applies to everything. If you want to be a good cook, you must not stop trying and actually get out there and practice. Don’t worry too much although the results, in the beginning, are not like what you expect. Repeat it again and again, and you will master the skills. Practice will get you to master the science of cooking and various abilities in cooking more quickly.

If you are afraid you cannot do it alone, you can learn directly from the people around you that you think are good at cooking. You can always take a cooking course. You will progress more when the person you make as a role model during the course is actually a reliable chef.

2. Start with Something Simple

Try a simple cuisine that is easy to make and would fit your taste. Simple dishes you can try are boiling and frying eggs. If you are proficient, you can try to make scrambled eggs with spices that are easy like salt and pepper, or you can also make a juice or smooth smoothie.

But first of all, you surely need to be familiar with ingredients and the cookware that is used when cooking. Thus, before starting to cook, it is better that you memorize and understand the kinds of spices and ingredients that are commonly used for making dishes. If you are already familiar with the name, type, and shape, then you are one step ahead in your practice of cooking. To help you with this, you can buy cooking or recipe books from the bookstore, or watch cooking tutorials.

After you are familiar with the basics, it won’t hurt you to see a cooking competition. when you watch a live cooking contest, you will experience the cooking experts making dishes. You can observe and imitate their way of cooking. Currently, cooking competitions are available both offline and on television.

3. Use Fresh Materials

Ingredients take a significant part of your cooking. Fresh ingredients will make your dishes more delicious. Thus using fresh ones will be better whether you are a beginner or an advanced. Fresh ingredients will certainly be very influential in your cooking.

4. Use Good Quality Cookware

Aside from materials, cooking utensils that you use also have a great effect to your dishes. Using too thin of cookware will burn your dishes, and if you use cooking tools with dangerous enamels, it will contaminate your food. Be wise in choosing your cookware.

5. Love what you are doing

The chef is a profession that is somewhat promising. If you do well, you can be one. If you really want to be a good cook, you need to really love everything related to cooking, from the actions to the kitchen itself.

You will be doing everything in the kitchen, so if you want to be a good cook you first have to love the kitchen. You will spend hours in the kitchen, with the heat and everything. Make sure that you can stand all the situations.

6. Be Diligent and Hardworking

However, being a chef is not easy. You will have a great number of responsibilities and aspects to meet to become an ideal chef. The keys to success is to become a good chef that is smart, honest, passionate, knowledgeable, hardworking and to have a positive attitude. In addition, the chef must also master other related sciences, such as accounting, the ability of public relations, the science of nutrition, and managerial skills. If all is fulfilled, it will be perfect. You will be a very successful chef.

The culinary world is worthy to be occupied, especially if you see the advantages possessed. Also, being a professional chef will make your own happiness. There is also a sense of pride that you will feel later because you can create a delicious food that can be enjoyed by many people.


Becoming a chef is not a difficult thing to do if you are able to have the ability to learn the ways. The key is that you cannot rush everything. Learn the basics with compassion, and you will achieve greatness.


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