9 Best Ceramic Knives

Getting new knives can be a hassle and a pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Ceramic is a popular cookware that provides safe, chemical-free cooking. Ceramic knives are extremely popular right now for their chemical-free blades, sharp blade, and lightweight feel. Below I have a list of the best ceramic knives for you to choose from. All of the knives have been determined the best based on their handling, sharpness, features, and price.

Reviews of The 10 Best Ceramic Knives

1. WACOOL Ceramic Knife Set 3-Piece

This set from Wacool is really nice because it is simple but yet the perfect pairing of ceramic knives.  These knives come in a set of three, and you can choose to either have the traditional white and black blades, or you can get their multicolor pack. These blades are extremely strong and durable because of Wacool’s cold isostatic pressing before they heat the knives. These knives would make a perfect gift for the cook in your family.

Affordable Price

The Wacool brand is offering you a straightforward, to the point product. This is one of the most affordable ceramic knives on the market. They only offer the knives and their blade covers, and that is why they come at such an affordable price. You will not be getting any extra gadgets with your knives, but sometimes simpler is better.

Strong Rust-Free Blade

The three blades that come in this set are rust resistant. These blades are very durable and strong; they even last up to fifteen times longer than a regular stainless-steel blade set. These blades have been forged with the highest quality that they even use a process called cold isostatic pressing. These blades get pressed down cold before they are heated. This makes them extremely strong, durable, and long-lasting.

  • The blade is very sharp and rust resistant.
  • The three-piece knife set does not leach any harmful chemicals into food or absorb any oils.
  • There are two different color options; you can get the classic white blade with the sleek black handles, or you can get the multi-color option that comes with a green, blue, and orange knife.
  • Each knife comes with their own BPA free sheath that will go over the blade perfectly.
  • This set makes a perfect gift for anyone in your family.

  • The knives have a hard time cutting very big objects.
  • They also dull over time and will need to be sharpened.


These knives are great if you are on a budget. Ceramic knives can get very expensive, so this three-piece set is very nice. I like that the company uses a cold process to make the knifes very strong and durable. The ceramic knives are also very lightweight and feel nice in your hands.


2. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 5-1/2-inch Santoku Knife

If you don’t already know the Kyocera brand is a very popular leader when it comes to the ceramic knife market. They make very strong, lightweight, sharp ceramic blades that work perfectly for all your cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing needs. This five-and-a-half-inch knife is perfect for adding to your kitchen because it can do so much for you without your hand feeling tired or sore after cutting. These blades hold their longevity and sharpness ten times longer than other brands knives. You can also put them in the dishwasher.

Made in Japan

The Kyocera company has a proprietary system on how they make their beautiful blades for their knives. They use a very high-quality ceramic material that has very dense sub-micron particles. This, in turn, makes the blade on the knife very sharp, strong, dense, and they last so much longer than a regular knife. They have been known to make very high-quality products, and so many people recommend this brand because of its high reputation.

Less Pressure when Cutting

These blades that the company makes are very lightweight compared to other knives. Ceramic is naturally lighter, and when the blade has been put into the handle, it makes the handle feel weightless. This will allow you to chop, cut, slice, and dice things without using minimal resistance. You will be able to chop effortlessly without having your hand hurting or feeling tired after using the knife.

  • This is a great all-purpose knife that can be used for dicing, chopping, slicing, and mincing.
  • The ceramic blades are made from a strong zirconia.
  • This is a sharp blade that will last ten times longer than a stainless-steel blade.
  • You have nine different color options that you can choose between.
  • This knife is five and a half inches long.

  • This knife is a bit more expensive, but very worth it for its high quality.


This knife is quite expensive, especially when you are only buying one knife. The best part about this knife is that it cuts so easily and requires little to no effort to do so. I love the sleek look, and it really provides value into my kitchen. This is one of the best ceramic knives you can buy. This is a very high-quality knife that works fantastic.


3. Kyocera 3-Piece Slicing Knife Set Ceramic, 5-inch 4.5-inch, and 3-inch

Here we have another great product from the Kyocera brand. This strong propriety ceramic zirconia makes the blades on these knives cut through things effortlessly. The blades work so well that you will only want to cut vegetables, meats, and fruits with these knives. The handles are very pleasing to the hands. They have an ergonomic feel and don’t make your hand hurt after long periods of cutting.

Value Set

This, in my opinion, is one of the best ceramic knives sets you can purchase. We already know how awesome the Kyocera brand is when it comes to the quality of their knives. This is an awesome set because you will get a three-inch paring knife, four-and-a-half-inch utility knife, and a five-inch slicing knife. The ceramic knife is great for smaller vegetables and fruits. They work great mincing garlic, trimming herbs, and slicing fruits. A utility knife is a great tool for vegetable, fruits, and boneless meats. The slicing knife is great on meats that are boneless. This value pack will really provide great value to your kitchen.

  • This set comes in a three-piece that includes five-inch slicer knife, four-and-a-half-inch utility knife, and a three-inch paring knife.
  • The Kyocera brand uses a propriety technology that makes the zirconia ceramic very strong.
  • Very sharp lightweight blades that last ten times longer than steel knives.
  • Perfect set for first-time cooks or people who love cooking.
  • Perfect knife combo to help you cook and prep almost anything.

  • Do not put these blades in the dishwasher that can get damaged. Hand wash only.


This is my favorite product they offer because you get so many great knives for such a great price. The quality of the knives is, without a doubt, the best ceramic knives you can buy. The cut through things as if it were butter. The price is very affordable for this three-piece set. It makes the perfect gift for birthday’s, holiday’s, and weddings.


4. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 3-inch Paring Knife

This is another great product from the Kyocera brand. This is on our list for one of the best ceramic knives because it is lightweight, durable, sharp, and long-lasting. This knife is great for all sorts of meal prep with fruits and vegetables. This paring knife is three inches long and the perfect addition to your other knives such as a chef knife, serrated, and santoku knife. You will love the knives ability to cut through food smoothly and easily.

Great Paring Knife

This paring knife is a nice three-inch size.  This knife is great for peeling fruit, mincing garlic, garnishing herbs, and so much more. The blade has gone through a proprietary system that makes the ceramic blades super strong, durable, and sharp. The blade is going to last you ten times longer than other stainless-steel knives.

  • A paring knife is great for things like peeling, mincing garlic, or even chopping herbs.
  • These blades are made from the company’s proprietary zirconia.
  • These blades are very high quality and will last ten time longer than a regular stainless-steel blade.
  • Rustproof and resistant to acids.
  • Very balanced and ergonomic handle of the blade.
  • Works great on fruit, vegetables, and boneless meat like chicken breast.

  • Be careful with this knife, if it drops onto the floor, it will most likely chip.


This is a very affordable knife from the Kyocera brand. If you know this brand is very high quality and only delivers the best quality of knives. This one is great for your meal prep because you can use it on vegetables, fruits, and herbs. If you are looking for chopping meats, you will want to get a chef knife.

You can also get that great paring knife from the brand Kyocera that we talked about above in the black handle with the black blade. This will give you are very sleek modern look for your kitchen. This is also a very popular color for the men cooks because it looks very masculine. If you want the paring knife but it this cool color, then you will want this one.

If you are looking for the same paring knife, but in a multi-color pack, then you will like this one better. You have the option to choose between six different colors that are; blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and white.  You will still be getting everything that we talked about in the classic Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 3-inch Paring Knife, but now you have the option to choose a color specific to your personality and kitchen.


5. Kyocera FK-130076WH-BK Revolution Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

This is on our list of the best ceramic knives because it is a value pack of two super great knives that can be used for a wide variety of meal prep. You will be getting the five-inch slicing knife as well as the three-inch mini prep knife. These are great knives with super high-quality ceramic blades that are sharp, durable, and long-lasting. The handle of the blades are very lightweight and have an ergonomic design. This feels the blade to feel very comfortable in the palm of your hand. You should have no problem with sore joints or arthritis after using these knives. These are great starter knives for any home cook!

Two Pack Deal

These knives come in a two-pack deal. You will get a five-inch slicer knife and a three-inch prepping knife. This is a great set because they pair perfectly together and are perfect for any beginner cooks. With the slicer knife, you can use that to cut tomatoes, various fruits, and vegetables. The mini slicer is great for chopping small vegetables, mincing garlic, paring fruits, and chopping herbs. This set is perfect for first time home cooks, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and starter home sets.

  • This is a set of two knives that come in two different sizes.
  • The handles of the blades have a very nice ergonomic design that is comfortable to the hands.
  • The blades are made from that proprietary blend of ceramic and zirconia.
  • Very sharp durable blades that last ten times longer.
  • Nice lightweight blades that feel good in your hand when you are using them.
  • This starter knife set makes a perfect gift for anyone.

  • Not a good knife set to cut meat with bones in it.


If you know anything about the Kyocera brand, then you will know that they are very high-quality constructed blades. These blades will deliver a nice sharp cut as well as a strong blade that is ten times stronger than regular stainless-steel blades. I love these knives because it is the perfect two blades to start out with or just to add to your blade collection. The price of the product could be high for some people, but I think it is fair because you are getting two high-quality knives.


6. Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set with Sheaths

This is a set of four rustproof and stain resistant knives. You are getting four great knives that have been made from a very strong ceramic called zirconia. These knives are sharp and durable and will cut through all your fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats. Each knife comes with their own protective sheath that will keep the blade from getting damaged. Check out this great value pack.

 Set of Four

This set comes with a set of four knives. I always love a good value pack, don’t you? So, in this set, you will get a six-inch bread knife that is serrated, a six-inch chef’s knife that can be used to prep almost anything, a five-inch utility knife, and a four-inch fruit knife. This set is great if you are the first-time cook or you just got married and need to fill your home with things. The blades are made with the really strong zirconia ceramic.

Great Handle

One of the best things about this knife set is that the handle of the knife is very ergonomic. The handles are very lightweight, and they have a curve to them, which make the knife easier to hold onto when you are using it to chop, slice, or cut things. They feel so nice in your hand that if you are cooking for a long time, you won’t get any strain or pain in your hands from the repetitive motion from chopping.

  • This comes with the corresponding sheaths to keep the blades protected.
  • Ergonomic handle and lightweight feel of the knife.
  • These knives are rustproof and stain proof.
  • These blades are resistant again oil and acids from foods you may cut.
  • This set comes with four different knives that are a serrated bread knife, chef’s knife, a utility knife, and a fruit or paring knife.

  • These knives seem to dull faster over time than other ceramic brands.


The price on this set of four is very affordable. Some brands cost the same price but for only one knife and you are getting four. They are strong knives, and they have a very nice sleek look to them. The handles feel very nice when they are in your hand. It is not heavy and honestly feels like you are barely holding anything. This set is perfect for the person in your family that really like to cook.


7. Farberware 5243363 Ceramic Knife Set

This two-piece set from the Farberware brand is a nice addition to your kitchen with other knives. You will get a paring knifed and a santoku knife. The santoku knife can be used to cut almost anything besides frozen things or meat that has bones inside of it. The knives are rust-resistant, stain-resistant, and they will not absorb oils or acids.

Protective Sheaths

These knives come with two protective sheaths that will help protect the fragile ceramic blade. If you put away your knives without their protective sheaths, you run the risk of your knives getting chipper or breaking. Make sure you always use the protective sheaths when you can.

  • This is a two-piece set that contains a three-inch paring knife and a five-inch santoku knife.
  • These ceramic blades will last longer with their sharpness than steel blades.
  • Ceramic blades are very strong knives but fragile.
  • Both knives come with protective sheaths.
  • The handle has a soft grip that feels good in your hand.

  • The tip on these knives is very fragile, so be careful with the ceramic knives.


These are very affordable good quality knives. This is not my favorite set, but this set will do the job along with other knives. They are very fragile, so you need to keep that in mind. The handles of the knives don’t feel as ergonomic like some of the other brands. If you are looking for knives in this budget, then this is a good option.


8. Cuisinart C59CE-2P Elements Ceramic 2-Piece Open Stock Knife Set

Cuisinart is a very trusted brand when I come to cookware and knives. If you have browsed through kitchen products before, chances are you have seen some Cuisinart products. This brand has a great reputation, and that is no exception when it comes to these strong, durable ceramic knives. These knives are very sharp and help you with your food prep easily. The handles feel really nice in your hand and allows you to cut food for long periods of time. The company also offers a warranty on the knives.

Two-Piece Set

This is a two-piece knife set from the brand Cuisinart. The Cuisinart brand is extremely popular for cookware, utensils, and knives. This set comes with a five-inch santoku knife and a three-and-a-half-inch paring knife. These would pair perfectly with a chef knife and a slicing knife. You can actually purchase other knives from Cuisinart to add to this two-piece set to help complete your kitchen knife collection.

  • Ceramic is stronger, durable, and has a sharper blade than a stainless-steel blade.
  • These are break resistance blades unless that are dropped on a hard surface.
  • Ergonomic handle that feels good in your hand.
  • Five-year warranty on your knives.
  • Many different knife options and set options with this brand.

  • Very sharp knives that if you are not careful, you can get hurt very bad if it cuts your skin.


This is another affordable option to get the best ceramic knife. These blades are very sharp, and if you are a beginner, you need to be very careful not to cut yourself. The knife is so sharp, so it will hurt if you cut yourself. The knife works very well to cut all sorts of vegetables and fruits. The knives work great accompanied by other knives in your kitchen.


9. CeraHome Ceramic Knife Set of 4

This is another value set for you to consider between. These four chef utility knives will allow you to do a lot of different things, such as chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing. These knives have a longer cutting head that allows the blade to not take on so much force from the cut. This will keep the blade in tack, and it will help not to break the fragile blade. The handle has an ergonomic sleek design with a hold in the center that you can use to hang your knives up.

Safer Food

When you use these knives on your food, you will ultimately be eating a safer quality of food. The blades never rust, which is very important for healthy cooking. The blades are easy to clean, and they do not absorb oils or stains from foods. All you have to do is wash your knives with mild soap and warm water, and they clean off quickly and easily. When you slice foods, the knives will not leave any metal ions behind like some other types of knives do. This hinders the quality of the food even if it is something you can’t totally see with the naked eye. These knives will keep the pure original flavor of your foods.

  • These blades are made from a strong zirconia ceramic that has been put through very high temperatures that make it very strong.
  • Rust-resistant knives that are also stain resistant.
  • Very cool ergonomic design that has a sleek hole through the handle of the knife.
  • The knives come with high-quality sheaths to protect the blades of your knives.
  • The blades are very easy to clean.

  • The sheaths are made from a light plastic. I think that should make the sheaths more durable.


This is an excellent four-piece set. This set comes with a lot of cool features that help make the knives better. These knives are sharp and can cut through all different fruits and vegetables. I like that the blades are rust, stain, and chemical resistant. I actually like the hole inside the handle, it makes the design of the knives look really cool. These are also so very affordable, especially for four knives.


How to Choose the Best Ceramic Knife

There are some qualities and features that you should consider before purchasing your ceramic knife. All products come with pros and cons, and we all have different taste. Check out the top features in the best ceramic knives to help decide what you want in your knife.


As you may know, ceramic knives are very sharp. They stay sharper longer as well compared to other knives such as steel. It is important to know that they are very sharp because you want a knife that is going to cut through vegetables, fruits, and boneless meats easily. Just remember because the knives are so sharp, they can cut you easily if you are not careful.

Handle Type

All knives have different size and type of handles. Some are made from plastic, rubber, or even wood. Depending on what type of handle the company offers will reflect the experience you have using it. Most all these materials can be made to give you an ergonomic handle that will feel good in your hand. Most often, you will find ceramic knives with plastic handles. Just be careful because if the knife is very wet, the handle could be a little bit slippery.


Everything comes at a price, and that can either be high or low price. Ceramic knives come in a wide variety of prices. If you are getting a single knife, it could be cheaper than purchasing a ceramic knife set. I have reviewed above some very affordable knives to some more expensive ones. Check them out above.

Knife Type and Function

Every knife has a certain function. There are many different knives you can purchase, such as slicing, paring, chef knife, santoku, utility, and bread knife. All of these knives have certain functions, and you would use these knives on certain foods.  Ceramic is a great knife for cutting vegetables, fruits, bread, and boneless meats. Ceramic knives work great for all-around multi-purpose slicing.

What are the Advantages of a Ceramic Knife?

There are some great advantages to using ceramic knives. Let’s talk about the advantages:

  • Ceramic knives do not absorb any oils, acids, chemicals, or stains. This is one of the best things about ceramic knives because they keep their quality pure. Some knives you can’t cut citrus fruits because of their acids eat through knives; this is not a problem when it comes to ceramic knives.
  • Ceramic doesn’t need to be sharpened as often. The sharpness on ceramic knives stays much longer than the sharpness of steel knives.
  • Ceramic is surprisingly light, so if you have a problem with heavy things or with your joints, then these lightweight knives will feel comfortable in your hand.
  • The knives prevent bacteria growth because ceramic is non-porous.
  • Ceramic knives are very easy to clean. Hand washing is recommended, and usually, the knives just rinse clean. If you are doing a deeper clean, then you can use a mild soap and a sponge or cloth to clean the blade.

Ceramic Knife vs. Steel Knife

You may be deciding between ceramic knives and steel knives and wondering which one is really better and what are the pros to each option. I am here to help you know a little about both.

The Cut

Ceramic knives are really sharp, and they are great for making precise precision cuts. They are really great for chopping vegetables such as garlic, onions, carrots, and peppers. They also work great for fruit as well. You can cut apples, strawberries, pineapple, and much more. Companies make ceramic knives that can pare, slice, chop, and even dice with ceramic knives.

Steel knives are sharp as well, but they work really great on meats that have the bone inside of them. These knives can cut frozen or fresh food. They can still do tasks like chopping, paring, slicing, and much more. They work just as well as ceramic knives. I personally believe having some ceramic knives, and some steel knives make for the perfect kitchen.

Pros of Ceramic Knives

  • The blades are very sharp and provide very nice precision cuts.
  • Ceramic knives come with protective sheaths which are a must-have for those knives.
  • Ceramic knives have very ergonomic handles that feel good in your hands.
  • Ceramic knives are very lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Naturally, ceramic knives are rust-resistant and do not absorb any oils.
  • Acids from foods do not tarnish or ruin the ceramic blade.
  • Great for all fruits and vegetables.
  • The blades are bacteria resistant.

Pros of Steel Knives

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great for any kitchen.
  • Great for cutting meats with bones in it.
  • Sharp blades that can easily be sharpened.
  • They usually have plastic protectors.
  • Great knives to have with other types of knives.

Ceramic Knives FAQ

Q: What is a Ceramic Knife?

A: As you may know, ceramic is used to make a variety of (ceramic cookware). Ceramic can cook food perfectly and add a whole dimension into your cooking. Ceramic knives are made from a type of ceramic called zirconium. This type of ceramic is fired in a furnace called a kiln. This makes the ceramic very hard and durable. The blades will not rust, and they are also resistant to acids such as lemon, lime, and orange juices. These knives work better than stainless steel blades and last up to ten times longer. Ceramic can be fragile, so it is important to be very careful to not drop or clunk around these knives.

Q: What is a Ceramic Knife Made Of?

A: The ceramic knives we have been talking about in our best ceramic knives list are made of zirconium dioxide ceramic. This must be fired in a kiln to make the ceramic very strong. Without that process, you wouldn’t have these sharp, long-lasting, and durable knives that we have been talking about.

Q: What is a Ceramic Knife Used For?

A: Ceramic knives have many uses, and it really depends on what type of knife you are using. Check out our ceramic knife guide above that explains in great detail which knife is used for what. You will basically use your knives for everyday cooking and meal prep.

Q: Do you Need to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife?

A: Yes, you can sharpen a ceramic knife, but you need to be very careful on what you are sharpening the knife against because ceramic is very fragile, so you don’t want them to chip while you are sharpening the blade. If you plan on doing the sharpening yourself, you need to make sure you purchase a knife sharpener that is specifically designed for ceramic.

Some of the companies you buy the ceramic knives from actually offer a service where you send your knives back to them, and they will sharpen them for you. This way, you leave this task to the experts, and they will come back to you looking perfect.

Q: Do Ceramic Blades Dull?

A: all blades do dull over time, so you need to properly maintain your kitchen knives. I mentioned above that the best way to keep your knives sharp is to have them sharpened. You can either do this yourself or have your knives sent out to be sharpened by a professional. If you decide to do the sharpening yourself, you need to be aware that ceramic is very breakable and fragile so you will need to be very delicate with the knives.

Q: When to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife?

A: Ceramic knives do not need to be sharpened as much as regular steel knives. If it comes down to it and they need to be sharpened, you will know when the blades start to hardly cut anything. The knives will feel dull, and that is when you know they need to be sent out to be sharpened. It is recommended to send ceramic knives out to be sharpened because they are very fragile.

Q: Do Ceramic Knives Break Easily?

A: Yes, ceramic knives can break and snap easily if you are not careful. Ceramic has a hardness of 9.5, which means it is very strong but also very fragile. If you drop or push down on the knife to hard, it can either snap off or chip. You want to make sure when you are chopping fruits, vegetable, or meat that you are slicing carefully and not pushing down with too much pressure. /your knives will last a long time as long as you are mindful when using them.

Q: How do you Take Care of a Ceramic Knife?

A: There are a few ways to really keep your ceramic knives looking brand new. Follow these tips, and your knives will keep their longevity and sharpness for a long time.

  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. When you use these types of cutting boards, the board takes all the resistance away, allowing for a smooth cut or chop on your food. If you use a glass cutting board, it makes it much harder to keep the blade safe from hitting the hard glass.
  • You can wash your knives in the dishwasher, but it is safer to hand wash them. This way, you will know they will not get damaged because there is always that possibility in the dishwasher.
  • Never drop, throw, or toss your ceramic knife on the cutting board, sink, or table. Ceramic is easily breakable, so when you set it down to hard, the blade can easily get chipped or break off.
  • Never use a ceramic knife on frozen thick food. Ceramic is delicate, and if you are trying to cut through something frozen more than likely, you are going to damage your blade.
  • Always store your ceramic knife with its sheath. Sheaths come with your knife for a reason, and that is to protect the blade. After you are done using your blade and it is all washed, put the knife back in the sheath and store it nicely in a drawer. This will keep the blade from getting broken and enhance the longevity of the blade.
  • Keep metal utensils away from your ceramic knives. Metal utensils are big and bulky, and if they come in contact with the ceramic blades they could possibly scratch, chip, or break the blade, and you do not want that.

Q: Why Don’t Chefs use Ceramic Knives?

A: Some chefs do use ceramic knives, but most of them use stainless steel knives. This is because stainless steel knives are great for cutting large cuts of meats, vegetables, and fruit.  Ceramic knives are very fragile, and being a chef means you need to prepare a lot of food. You need a high-quality knife that will not break or chip during a huge meal preparation session.

Q: Can a ceramic knife go in the dishwasher?

A: This is a very difficult question to answer because the answer is both yes and no. Yes, you can put ceramic knives on the top rack of your dishwasher. There is a chance whatever you put near or next to the knives might rattle and shake against the blade and chip it. It is strongly recommended to hand wash your ceramic knives gently with mild soap and warm water. I personally think you should take the handwashing approach to clean your ceramic knives and cookware.

Q: How to clean a ceramic knife?

A: As mentioned above, you can take the risk and put your ceramic knives in the dishwasher, but it is highly unrecommended. You should simply use a mild soap and a soft scrubby, and you can lightly clean your ceramic knives. It’s as simple as that!

Final Thought

Ceramic knives stand out from other knives for many different reasons. They are so sharp, long-lasting. Durable, and last but not least, very affordable. If you have been on the hunt for new knives, then I highly recommend you pick out one of the best ceramic knives above. You will not regret it once you start using it in the kitchen.

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