15 Best Cooking Tips for Beginners – Simple and Effective

Cooking is a great way to serve healthier food for our self as well as save up some money. The fact is not everyone is into the kitchen. But some of them may just start to learn to cook. When you learn to cook for the first time, you surely understand that there is also a chance for failure. Even if you enjoy cooking or actually a pro, there are always certain times when you burn the steak. Knowing the basic tips for cooking will help you to make delicious food. Below are 15 best cooking tips for beginners.

Top and Best Cooking Tips for Beginners

Always Read the Recipe and Prepare

The recipe is everything when it comes to cooking. And you should read recipes thoroughly before starting to cook. Some of you may just skim the recipe, and the result is a big failure. After you read the recipe, you can gather all the ingredients and the right equipment. You will save so much time with preparation. There will be no fumbling around cupboards and fridge anymore.

Double Check the Ingredients

As you know the importance of preparation now, it is better to double check the ingredients. Perhaps, you cannot remember how many times you thought you have an ingredient while the pan is burning. If it is possible, lay down all the ingredients on the counter before cooking and putting it away once you use them. This will ensure that you have all the ingredients on hand.Best Cooking Tips for Beginners – Simple and Effective

Feel Free to Substitute

Substituting ingredient is a common thing especially if you are allergic to a certain ingredient. You can indeed swap some ingredients but not the main ingredients. For example, you are allergic to milk and swap it for almond of soy milk, or you cannot have white flour and use wheat flour instead. You need to understand that swapping some ingredients may result in the food taste.

Unless you are a Pro, do not improvise when baking

Yes, you can improvise in cooking and substitute some ingredients. But if you are a beginner and do not want to mess with the food simmering on the stove, let’s just stick to the recipe. Cooking desserts such as bread, cookies, cake, and such requires precision measurement. This means you cannot improvise much. Baked goods need absolute measurements of ingredients which affect the consistency, leavening, moisture, etc. You cannot just substitute butter for shortening since it is not the same ingredients.

Beware of Over Cooking as well as Over Mixing

Over cooking and over mixing are the first causes of a failed recipe. If the recipe says to bake for 30 minutes, set the timer for 25 minutes and see if the food is already done. This is because not all ovens are made the same in terms of temperature. Yours can be slightly hotter than the recipe. The same issues also go with over mixing. If the recipe says to mix the white eggs until firm peak, then stop after you reach the stage.

Find the Recipe that uses Ingredients you like

As much as you can substitute ingredients, but trust me, you want to find a recipe that uses ingredients you like. If you cannot have milk, find a recipe which uses almond milk instead. It will be much easier to use a recipe that already suits your taste instead of experimenting.

Make Notes

If you are experimenting with the new recipe, you surely have something to say about it. When it turns out good, do not forget to write down any recommendations for next time. For example, if the recipe says five tablespoons of sugar but you just need three tablespoons to suit your taste. Make sure to write that down alongside the recipes to help you remember.

Do not Experiment when you have Guests

Experiment in cooking requires lots of courage and also time. When you cook for other people than the current family, it is better to make something that you have done before. This is because you already know the preparation time and the dish turns out tasty.

Use Only Fresh and Good Quality Ingredients

Fresh ingredients are the key to a delicious meal. It is not surprising when you are a beginner you may have limited ingredients at home. But when you go grocery shopping, make sure to buy the freshest and high-quality ingredients. You can go for organic label ingredients because some people claim it has better taste than regular.

Do not Leave the Kitchen when Cooking

We all have done it for sure. You leave the kitchen when you think you have time to put a load of laundry. You can do it, but it is not advisable if you are a beginner. It is so risky because something bad may happen when you come back to the kitchen.

Proper Measuring Tools

Some of us may not care of measuring tools. But seriously, there are differences between proper measuring spoon and a regular spoon. You can indeed use a regular spoon, but when the recipe calls for ¼ tablespoons, how you can measure it?

Keep Tasting

If you are trying out a new recipe, it is important to keep tasting it at every step. Through this way, you can avoid getting over or under seasoned. Keep on tasting early and afterward. If it is over seasoned, you can balance it by adding some vinegar or lemon juice.

Pre Heat Ovens and Pans

This tip applies to any kind of cooking styles. Pre heat pans or pots keep the meat juice and slices inside. If you do not preheat the oven, it will ruin the cake, and it does not rise properly. Splash some water on a hot pan to know whether it is hot enough or not.

Know your Kitchen Equipment

It has been said above that kitchen equipment are not made the same. You may find the oven is slightly hotter than on the recipe. Therefore, you need to bake the cake in shorter time. Try the experiment with some types of cooking to understand kitchen equipment.

Trust your Instinct

Cooking is all about taste. If something sounds strange to you, it will not become delicious. There are lots of recipes, and everyone has their taste. Therefore, you need to trust yourself and follow your gut.

Closing Words

If you are a foodie guy, then you will surely love to cook and try new recipes every day. It is not a big deal to become a professional cooker if you follow some cooking hacks. And hope these Cooking Tips for Beginners will help you to keep yourself intact while cooking.



15 Best Cooking Tips for Beginners – Simple and Effective
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