Bialetti 10 Piece Ceramic Pro Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set Review

The Bialetti cookware is going make your cooking easy with professional perfection. These nonsticky gray ceramic cooking pots give a superior release and searing capabilities which will provide you an ultimate cooking experience in the kitchen. Besides, this set is safe for use in your everyday cooking because of its completely PFOA and PTFE free. It’s hard anodized exterior is two-time hardest from regular stainless steel. It looks elegant and durable even at first sight.

This cookware set is suitable to use in all type of cook tops. It’s oven safe and good for even heat distribution. This ceramic pro cookware set features the cast stainless steel handle for an enduring secure grip with its high-end style. It’s a complete set which offers all the important pans and pots that you need for regular cooking.bialetti cookware

Why you should buy Bialetti Cookware Set

In this Bialetti ceramic cookware reviews, we are going to discover how the Bialetti cookware is different but better from all. The Bialetti cookware set is one of the top ceramic coated cookware set that can give you the most professional performance. It able cook different type of food like rice,  vegetable, any type of protein very well with keeping their natural texture and flavor. Especially its great on cook meat, fish, etc. by selling their natural juice inside. However, here given some meaningful discussion about the features of the Bialetti cookware. Have a look below.

A Perfect Cookware Set

You will get these listed cooking pots with the set- this nonsticky ceramic set from Bialetti comes with all the essential pots and pans so you can do any type of cooking with out taking any other pots. It features and modern design with a beautiful gray finish of ceramic coating. This cookware set looks not only great but also very useful for a different type of food preparation. You will get with the box of Bialetti cookware-

  • Covered Saucepan 1.5-qt
  • Covered Saucepan 3-qt
  • Saute pan 8-inch
  • Saute pan 10-inch
  • Covered deep saute pan 3-qt
  • Dutch oven with lidbialetti ceramic cookware reviews

These pots are oven safe, so you can use them both stoves or oven without damaging the pots. All these pots are oven safe up to 400F. But they are not simply suitable with induction cooker, so don’t use them on an induction cooktop.

Healthy Cooking

There are so many benefits of having a nonstick cookware set. But the primary reason among all known sticky cooking pots is best in low oil cooking. So does the Bialetti. This cookware set is excellent in no or less oil cooking. You can prepare healthy dishes every time by using very few oil or fat just for adding flavor. Also, these pots are out of any harmful materials of chemical coating. So overall, it ensures you the healthiest and happy meal every day.

Versatile Lids & Handles

Bialetti 10 Piece Ceramic Pro Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware SetThe kitchenware also comes with some quality and versatile lids and handles to make your cooking easy and efficient it has a temper clear glass lid and stainless steel handles. These clear glass lids are shattered and heat resistant and fit effectively in your cooking pots and pans. Also, it’s helpful on observing the food cooking inside the pots. Next to the stainless steel handle. These handles are very rigid and broad enough to grab comfortably. These also have the eyelets for hanging. These handles are not sufficiently heat resistant, but it does mean they overheat while cooking. They feel bit warm when the pot is fully at high temperature. It’s bearable, but still, you should be cautious, especially when it’s in the oven.

Easy Cleaning

Another great thing about this cookware set is it’s effortless to clean. It’s ceramic coating hard anodized exterior is suitable to use any type of dishwashing liquid or sponge. Usually, it doesn’t get any kind food hardly. Even it releases easily any burn foods compares than your regular cooking pots. But unluckily it’s not suitable for the dishwasher.


  • Total ten pieces nonstick pan, pots, and glass lids.
  • Can be cooking with cheap oil without burning them.
  • Even heat distribution no hot spot or over heating problem.
  • Oven safe up to 400 F.
  • Easy to cleaning.
  • Comes with ten years of warranty.
  • Handles are not entirely heat proof.
  • The pots are bit expensive and shallow.

Alternative Products

In this Bialetti ceramic cookware review now we are going to discuss some alternative product that you can use fairly. At first, we are going to say something about the Bialetti Aeternum Red 7272 10 Piece Cookware Set. This set also has the ceramic coating which gives it the nonsticky surface along with the metal exterior. This one comes with ten pieces of pots, pans and glass lids with heat resistant handles. These pots are beautiful with their white and red color combination and suitable for any kitchen.

The next best cookware set is from WearEver C943SF Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating Scratch Resistant Cookware Set. This set also has the red and white color combination but bit different in design. It comes with total 15 pieces cooking pots. This one has the ceramic coating which is scratch resistant and completely Cadmium, PTEF, and PFOA free. Also, you can use these pots in the oven or dishwasher for cleaning.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q- Do they come in any other colors?
A- Yes, they are but at different prices.
Q- Are these posts are suitable for induction cooking?
A- No, they are not induction safe.
Q- Are they metal utensil safe?
A- Yes.


Final Verdict

In the end, it can be said that these cooking pots are long durable and easy to use. The quality and overall performance of the cookware set surely win your heart. It’s bit pricey but if you compare them with other than you will know that quality products demand the great price always which you can go for. However, if you want the best kitchenware for your kitchen, there is nothing better than the Bialetti cookware.

Bialetti 10 Piece Ceramic Pro Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set Review
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