Calphalon 11 Piece Classic Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set Review

If you are looking for a safe and healthy cookware set, then there is nothing better than Calphalon ceramic cookware. This complete cookware set is made for serving your family in many ways. This set contains all the necessary pots and pans needed for cooking your everyday meal. Calphalon is one of the best brands that you can consider to invest in for your family.

This ceramic coated cookware set is great for different methods like frying, boiling, steaming, or sauteing. These cooking pots are best known for even distribution of the heat all over the surface so food can cook all over inside and outside. However, this classic ceramic cookware set is all full of advantages that we are going to discover in this Calphalon classic ceramic reviews. So, let’s get started.Calphalon 11 Piece Classic Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set Review

Why You Should Buy Calphalon Classic Ceramic Cookware Set

Those who are working with ceramically coated cookware sets rather than Teflon or silicon coating like the Calphalon brand. This brand is always up to give you the latest design and performance in their cooking equipment. With the Calphalon classic ceramic cookware set, you will get top-notch quality and performance for a long time. All the materials and techniques used for these pots/pans are exceptional compared to others who are claiming their superiority. However, in this Calphalon classic ceramic reviews, we will discuss some major characteristics of this cookware set. Have a look below.

Key Features of Calphalon Ceramic Cookware Set

A Perfect Cookware Set

The Calphalon ceramic cookware set comes with a great deal of necessary gear like a frying pan, saucepan, and saute pan including their lids. These pots are great in keeping the food warm for a long time. So every time you are going to serve the meal you get the fresh hot food on the plate. The Calphalon ceramic cookware comes with total of 11 pc cooking pans, pots, and lids. They are.

  • Fry Pan 8-in.
  • Fry Pan 10-in.
  • Round Griddle 12-in.
  • Sauté Pan with Cover 3-qt.
  • Sauce Pan with Cover 1.5-qt.
  • Sauce Pan with Cover 2.5-qt.
  • Dutch Oven with Cover 5-qt.

These hard anodized aluminum pots heat up fast and evenly in a quick amount of time. You can use them in the oven in 450 F as well. Some other good things about the cooking set are they come with measuring marks, pour spouts, and straining lids.

Time-Saving & Healthy Cooking

calphalon ceramic cookwareThe Calphalon ceramic cookware set is made for easy, fast and healthy cooking. These pots have the measuring marks that will help you save time in your kitchen when trying a new recipe. Even with an old favorite recipe, you don’t need to deal with the measurement of water, oil, or other things. Furthermore, this ceramic coated cookware set has pour spouts and glass lids along with compact straining holes to help you drain extra water or liquid and check the food while they are cooking. So, you will have the full opportunity to cook your food more easily without transferring them to other pots or give you trouble with removing excess liquid. It’s nonstick surface allows you to cook food with less oil or fat. So, you will prepare healthier food each time if you cook with Calphalon ceramic cookware.

Convenient Features and Facility

calphalon classic ceramic reviewsThis cookware set offers all of its customer’s convenient features and services to use. This non-stick set is easy to clean with regular water and dish-washing soap with a sponge. Its nonstick surface cooks food quickly. Even if the food burns you can remove the burnt food from the pans without spending much energy because of the nonstick coating. The Calphalon ceramic cookware is the best option if you want to clean your cookware easily and quickly.


  • PFOA free nonstick ceramic.
  • Oven safe up to 450 F.
  • Suitable for cooking food evenly.
  • Easy to wash, never get any food on its surface.
  • Comes with ten years of warranty service.
  • The coating may weaken over time.
  • Costly cookware set.

Alternative Products

You can also consider some other ceramic coated options to use as your cookware set rather than the Calphalon ceramic cookware. They are the same as our Calphalon ceramic cookware set but differ in quantities. Such as,

The Evolution Bliss EBREW-1208 Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set is quite similar with the Calphalon Classic cookware. They also have a ceramic coating and are free-form toxic materials. These nonstick cooking pots are easy to use and clean.

Here is another cheap and productive option, the Melange Induction Ready Nonstick Cookware Set is truly the best alternative for all. It comes with 15 pieces, suitable for induction cooking and safe to wash in the dishwasher. Also, it’s cadmium and PFO free and totally scratch resistance. It’s a complete set for those who want anything in a small budget.

The Cook N Home NC-00358 Nonstick Cookware Set is another option for those who are looking for ceramic coated cookware set for their home. This set comes with two different colors green and red, and both of them look wonderful. Besides, they are made of aluminum; the pan has high-temperature resistance and heat resistant handles for easy cooking. It’s durable, easy to wash, and very affordable in price.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q- Where is this cooking set from?
A- This cooking set is from China.
Q- Are they boiler safe?
A- No, they are not broiler safe.
Q- Will the white interior discolor over time?
A- No, if you clean them carefully according to the instructions given by the manufacturer, it will not fade or discolor over time.


Final Verdict

This set is a bit expensive in price, but once you have them, you will fell in love with their performance and appearances of course. These pots are reliable in different types of cooking for perfectly cooked food. Besides, if anything goes wrong, you have a long time warranty service to cover them up. So, for the healthiest cooking in the healthiest way you can surely consider having Calphalon classic ceramic reviews.


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