Ceramic Cookware Safety: Hidden Secrets You Need to Know

It can be a concern when you make some hot soup, but when you pour it into the bowl, the bowl melts. Of course, you are not allowed to eat the soup anymore because the pan components are mixed with the soup. Also, it is hazardous to your health if you eat the soup. Moreover, the taste will also change because of the substances. However, if you choose the right cookware like ceramic cookware, then you can avoid this serious problem. Still, ceramic cookware safety must be something you pay close attention to. Here, I would like to share with you some hidden secrets that you need to know about ceramic cookware safety.

Well, before going to the brief discussion about ceramic cookware safety, we are going to clear one thing and that is…

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Ceramic cookware does not contain any harmful materials such as PFOA or PTFE. The non-stick ceramic coating is also 100% safe for healthy cooking and does not react with food while cooking. If you are looking for a 100% safe ceramic cookware set, then you can get one from Rachael Ray, GreenLife, GreenPan, or Xtrema.

What is the Material Used to Make Ceramic Cookware?

Actually, there are two types of ceramic cookware that you can use. The first is ceramic cookware that is made from 100% ceramic. The second is a cookware that is coated with ceramic. The ceramic coating cookware might be the best choice for you. It is all because people really worry about the toxins and metal leaching to the food.

Ceramic Cookware Safety
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100% Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic is originally made from clay that is hardened by fire. The 100% ceramic cookware may also be a good choice, but you must be careful when holding it or placing it on a hard surface. Otherwise, it will easily crack and get damaged. This type of cookware is totally safe because it does not contain metal materials. What about the ceramic coated cookware?

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Ceramic Coated Cookware

Ceramic coated cookware is not 100% made from ceramic or clay, but the ceramic is only used to cover the metal surface. So, it is just a metal cookware piece that is coated by a ceramic. Is the ceramic coated cookware really safe? All of the kitchenware manufacturers say that ceramic coated cookware is really safe because it blocks the metal from leaching off an heavy metals or other dangerous substances.

Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Cookware

Nowadays, there are so many non-stick ceramic coated cookware products available on the market. However, some of the people who want to buy it really want to know if it is really non-stick for long and whether it is safe when they accidentally scratch the cookware. When you want to purchase a cookware product, then you must be wondering if it is PFOA free and PTFE free. The truth is that most of the manufacturers today do not use those kinds of materials anymore in producing ceramic coated cookware.

Besides, most of today’s ceramic coated cookware products are designed with a non-stick feature. This non-stick coating ceramic is usually made from oxygen, silicon, and inorganic mineral. That means that the cookware does not contain carbon. Why is it so necessary? One of the reasons why it is made from the inorganic mineral to make it more environmentally friendly.

It is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also help the process of production easily because the core components of the ceramic are just similar to stone or sand. When using ceramic coating, the process of manufacturing will only need one layer, if it compared to the PTFE or Teflon product that has at least three applications. The ceramic coated cookware is also more energy-saving, reduces oven time, less time to cure, and emitting fifty percent less carbon dioxide.

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How is the Application Process of Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Commonly, the process of coating ceramic cookware safety is by using sol-gel. It uses an inorganic liquid solution that will be converted into a gel which is then applied to a ceramic coated metal cookware product as the layer. The manufacturer processes the non-stick coating by dipping the cookware into the gel using the curing process or they may only need to spray the gel on the cookware item.

What about the Heat Resistance of Ceramic Coated Cookware?

One of the benefits of using ceramic coated cookware is the heat resistance. If it is compared to Teflon, then the ceramic coating will be stronger and can resist the heat up to 450 c. Meanwhile, the Teflon will deteriorate after 450 C. Some of the cookware makers also say that Ceramic Cookware will be okay when you use it over 450 C. The Teflon cookware will emit any toxins, but the ceramic coated cookware will not emit any harmful particles despite if you heat it up to 600 C. Besides, it can also be used in the oven as long as the ceramic cookware has a stainless steel material.

Tips on Ceramic Cookware Safety

According to the explanation above, we can conclude that the inorganic mineral is very good for non-stick ceramic cookware safety. If you use Teflon, then you must be careful because this material may be dangerous for your food because it can emit toxins when you overheat it.  The ceramic layer with the non-stick property is better and healthier than the Teflon. Still, you need to pay attention when using your ceramic coated cookware. Anyway, you can read some tips below.

  • Never buy a very cheap ceramic coated cookware because it may use a thin ceramic layer.
  • Buy a ceramic cookware product from a trustworthy manufacturer.
  • Read the product specifications before buying the product.
  • Following the manual instruction about the usage.
  • Checking the product if there is a crack or damage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, that is all about Ceramic Cookware Safety and the hidden secrets that you need to know. So far, you may not realize that Teflon is already prohibited in some countries like USA and Canada. It is all because the Teflon layer can emit dangerous toxins when you heat it up. In this case, you are required to replace your old cookware with the ceramic coating model to prevent it from the emission. Furthermore, the ceramic coating cookware is also cheaper than Teflon coated cookware.

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