Ceramic Vs. Teflon Vs. Stainless Steel Cookware | A True Comparison

If you think your wife or female family members are spending too much time in department stores to pick a cookware set, think again. choosing the right cookware set is not as easy as you think. You got to know the characteristic of the materials, the right temperature so it does not melt when you are cooking, the price, the way to clean it, and much more. Do you have any idea who is the winner between ceramic vs Teflon? Or Ceramic vs Stainless Steel? Or Teflon vs Stainless Steel? Teflon vs aluminum? Wood vs ceramic? The list will go on very long since there are various materials used to make these cookware sets.

Fortunately, we have compared the three winners of cookware which are ceramic, Teflon, and stainless steel.Ceramic Vs Teflon Vs Stainless Steel Cookware

A Quick Comparison: Ceramic vs Teflon

Ceramic is completely safe for healthy cooking and doesn’t react with food while cooking. On the other hand, Teflon that may contain harmful materials such as PTFE can react with food at a high temperature. This could also release toxic gas on the food that is harmful to the human body.  Some non-stick Hard Anodized cookware is available on the market which may contain Teflon but not harmful as traditional non-stick cookware set. Well, if you compare only Ceramic and Teflon, then Ceramic is definitely a better option than Teflon in terms of healthy cooking issue.

The True Comparison Between Ceramic and Teflon Cookware

Sounds like a legit battle, doesn’t it? It’s hard to choose the winner between ceramic vs Teflon. They are both non-stick but what makes them different is the composition of the coating. Ceramic tends to be cadmium, lead, PTFE, and PFOA free. A ceramic coating is often made from natural minerals which will make you feel safe since there is not any danger that it will spread or leach any toxic substances into the air you are breathing or the food you are cooking.

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While Teflon cookware on the other hand, when it is reached at a certain temperature it will emit a kind of toxic fumes. This is what people are afraid of since it is important to cook the food on high heat. However, there are some Teflon products that are safe, they have grades and standards to be met. So, in safety and health cases between Ceramic vs Teflon, ceramic wins this time. However, both of their coatings have a short lifespan and tend to flake or peel within the years. Once this happens, you better buy the new one.

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It’s better to use wooden utensils to accompany these cookware materials. There is no winner between the ceramic vs Teflon battle; in user convenience, since they are safe to be washed in the dishwasher but you better be careful with the handles and lid. when talking about price, both ceramic and Teflon cookware cost between $60 and $150 for 10 to 14 piece cookware sets. The price will go higher in a more advanced coating that might come with safer minerals to the dishes, stronger materials, or more resistant to the scratches.

The True Comparison Between Ceramic and Stainless-Steel Cookware

What can we notice from the ceramic vs stainless steel battle? The difference is obvious, ceramic is non-stick while stainless steel is not. Ceramic cookware has a non-stick coating as we have explained above but somehow it is a terrible heat conductor that you can only expect low to medium heat when cooking. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is tougher and you have nothing to worry about when using it in cooking. It can resist the high temperature and deal with fire very well. You can be comfortable using it both with metal utensils or wooden utensils, without worrying about the peeling or scratching. In cooking methods for ceramic vs stainless steel cookware case, stainless wins a lot.

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If you are a beginner cook, you better go with the ceramic ones. There are chances that you might not succeed in the first, second, or third trial. When you fail, even when you are just frying an egg it will stick a lot on your stainless cookware which leads you to a cleanup task after cooking. There are many ways provided on the internet on how to get off the burnt or stubborn dirt from your stainless steel cookware, but obviously, it will not be as easy as cleaning the ceramic cookware. So, for cleaning case, ceramic cookware always wins.

Then, if you cook with stainless steel you will need at least a little oil, while with ceramic cookware, you can cook well even without oil. So if you are a healthy living lifestyle person then, ceramic will definitely suit you. But do not hurry to make the decision that you will buy ceramic cookware. In durability case between ceramic vs stainless steel, ceramic has to be replaced in years while some stainless steel with the highest standard can last a lifetime.

So, Which One to Choose? Ceramic Vs Teflon Vs Stainless Steel

As we have explained above, you can draw a conclusion that each cookware materials have their own characteristics that can become their advantages or drawbacks. Considering the cooking habits of most households, some food is better to be cooked with the non-stick cookware such as ceramic or Teflon cookware to avoid a hard clean up. Dishes like mashed potatoes, soup, or everything boiled will be perfect for ceramic cookware. However, the ceramic does not last long and will need to be replaced in two or three years, even for the ones that come with the highest quality.

Teflon is also good if you use them carefully with the wooden utensils so the surface will not flake or peel. The price of Teflon cookware is almost equal to stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel cookware is way better than Teflon in cooking convenience. Good stainless steel cookware can be used to fry, stir fry, brown, or sear food that needs utensils role in flipping or folding them. Stainless steel cookware is an excellent heat conductor, so cooking will be easier since you can switch between low heat to high heat in seconds to reach the food condition that you want. With the same price as Teflon cookware, you can get the higher durability of the cookware. In fact, most stainless steel cookware sets offer the guarantee that their product can last forever.

Final Words

So, it’s a matter of preference. If you are a beginner cook and prefer health, you can choose ceramic cookware. If you are an intermediate cooker who also considers easy cooking and cleaning you better choose the Teflon. If you cook many dishes every day at your kitchen and already get used to dealing with cleaning things, better save your money for a little while to buy the best long lasting stainless steel cookware.

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