Gotham Steel Vs Red Copper Vs Copper Chef | A True Comparison

Nowadays, various cookware manufacturers are competing to offer high-tech cookware products to their buyers. They claim that the cookware product of this brand is the best. On average, each cookware brand comes with its own advantages. Each brand also has a good market share in various marketplaces. This obviously makes the buyers confused on which cookware is considered the best. For example, there are three cookware brands like Gotham Steel Vs. Red Copper Vs. Copper Chef. Each of these products has its own pros and cons. However, not all of these are well understood by buyers. Therefore, to simply provide an overview of these three brands, here is a brief review of the specifications of the three cookware brands above.

Gotham Steel

Gotham steel explains that its product is the newest non-stick cookware whose main material combines titanium and ceramic metal. This is definitely the latest innovation of the conventional cookware segment. Gotham steel also claims that its products are scratch-resistant and safe to use because it will not bind oil or butter stains on the surface of its cookware. Thus, the risk generated related to high cholesterol can be minimized. Also, Gotham steel is free of PFOS / PFOA by-products that are usually still found in other non-stick pans.gotham steel vs red copper


Related to the combination of titanium and ceramic materials on its pan surface, Gotham Steel becomes a non-stick cookware with long durability. Due to this combination of materials too, Gotham Steel can be used with other metals utensils and unscratchable. Many TV commercials show the superior quality of this cookware brand. This inevitably raises the popularity of Gotham Steel.

However, there is something to be considered from this brand before you decide to buy this pan; it is the number of complaints related to the durability level of Gotham Steel. It is found that Gotham Steel’s pan begins sticking after being used several times. Only, the way users use the pan is also influential. This is because there are too many users who use Gotham Steel for years but found no significant problem on their pan. Although there are several complaints regarding the pan, there are also many good advantages of Gotham Steel that deserve a thumbs up to such as it is lightweight.

Red Copper

Red Copper is a non-stick ceramic copper cookware that combines the benefits of copper and non-stick ceramic to deliver an amazing cooking experience. Various advantages are offered by red copper, such as scratch-free, long durability, and easy to clean once you are finished cooking. No matter how hard your cooking activity, the ultra-tough copper offered by Red Copper will keep it scratch resistant. Related to its advantage that easy to clean, you just simply wash the pan surface with plain water or dishwasher just after every cooking.copper chef vs red copper


Red Copper also claims that its pan has the non-stick coating and PTFE and PFOA free. So, it can be ascertained that this is very safe for your health and family. Related to its long durability, this is certainly true since copper is a perfect heat conductor. It has a better durability performance than Gotham Steel in some aspects. As already known that copper is a material with excellent material properties that can support your cooking perfection. So, you can cook and prepare any meal gently and perfectly.

Copper Chef

As with Red Copper, some Copper Chef’s advantages are also equal to the benefits offered by Red Copper. Copper Chef claims that his pan is safe for use. This is because Copper Chef has the non-stick coating that has been clinically tested, and it is also free of PFOA and PTFE. Other main advantages of this cooking pan are the minim use of butter or oil for cooking. This is related to its non-stick surface. In addition, it can handle a massive temperature up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your cooking activity will be straightforward, because it does not leave or peel off any marks on your food. One more superior quality of Copper Chef is it has an anti-scratch surface. So, suppose you use abrasive cleaners or wires to clean it, then this will not be too much of a problem. However, it is recommended that you do not often use abrasive cleaners for your cookware pans.Gotham Steel Vs Red Copper Vs Copper Chef


Which One Should You Buy?

If asked to decide which one is better chosen between Gotham Steel Vs. Red Copper, or Copper Chef Vs. Red Copper, you may face some confusion. However, when asked to compare Gotham Steel Vs. Copper Chef, you can find a significant difference in the design side and its ability to use in extreme temperature. The Gotham steel pan is dedicated to everyday use, and you will be amazed to observe the pan’s surface. You should understand that the Gotham Steel pan is less resistant to high-temperature usage.

This is different from Copper Chef and Red Copper that are more resistant to the use in extreme temperature. For Gotham Steel Vs. Red Copper, it turns out there are some negative buyer reviews related to both these brands. On average, buyers highlight their low non-stick durability. This is clearly different from their promotion on various TV commercials associated with the good non-stick quality of these brands.

Final Words

In conclusion, you should not be easily fooled by the marketing gimmick of various cookware brands, either Gotham Steel, Red Copper, or Copper Chef. Understand that non-stick pans are cooking equipment that will not last long. This is a replaceable item in your kitchen. So there is a particular period to replace it with a new one. In other words, you can buy any cookware products from the above three brands that are on sale. It is also essential to know how to use the cookware. If you use it in the wrong way or you are less careful, then be prepared to buy a new one every six months, but with the correct use, your cooking equipment can last up to two to three years and maybe even longer.

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