GreenPan Lima 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set Review

Here is a classic ceramic cookware set from GreenPan which will be perfect for your new kitchen. This cookware set made of hard anodized aluminum with the thermolon ceramic coating. These cooking pots are ideal for using any type of cooking stove or even accept the induction cook top. You will find them handy once started to use them they are lightweight but not flimsy like the standard nonstick pans. Its classic design may seem ordinary to some people, but if you compare the performance, then you will agree, it can beat any modern and stylish cookware set. To explain it bit deeply the brand says something like this-

“Not all nonstick cookware set is not same. It’s like the difference between wild-caught salmon and farmed salmon. They are same as their name and species but widely different in size, texture, and flavor. ”GreenPan Lima 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set Review

Why you should buy the GreenPan Cookware Set

The GreenPan Lima cookware set is not like other ordinary nonsticky cookware sets. You will get the best quality performance with this one. First of all, it’s hard aluminum metal body is ideal for long term use and also suitable for even heat distribution. Second of all its thick ceramic coating give you an even and smooth base for cook any item. Its release food quickly and also keep the food in moderate temperature also the cooking is done. The ceramic coating is also perfect for making food in little fat. However, it comes with all the necessary pots pan and bonus the utensils. So, let’s some of these vital features of GreenPan cookware set more elaborately. Have a look below to find more details.

A Useful Cookware Set

The GreenPan cookware set comes into 12 pieces cooking pots, pan, utensils, and lids. You will get from the box

  • One Saucepan with Glass Lid 2 QT.
  • One Saute Pan with Glass Lid 3 QT.
  • One Casserole with Glass Lid 2.5 QT.
  • One Frying Pan without lids 8-inch.
  • One Frying Pan without lids 9.5-inch.
  • One Stainless Steel Multi Steamer Insert.
  • Three Kitchen utensils.

All these post and pans have the riveted stainless steel handles which are contoured and comfortable to use. Moreover, these pots have the convenient glass lids which allow easy food monitoring without losing the heat and moisture. You can use these pots including the lids in the oven in up to 420F.

Reliable Cooking

GreenPan Cookware Set ReviewThis kitchenware set, GreenPan Cookware is meant for reliable cooking results. Its hard anodized aluminum allow the pans quick and even heat up. There is no hot spots malfunction with these pots and pans. However, it’s ceramic layer works for keeping the base warm for a long time. It helps you to cook a meal in low fat in moderate temperature. This coating is out of any type of harmful chemicals, so there is a question of any blister, peel or toxic fume release. Even if you suddenly overheated the pan.

Easy to Use

GreenPan Lima Cookware Set ReviewOverall, this best-looking post is elementary to use and clean. They are quite light so you can easily move them according to your demand. also its contorted and sturdy handles allow you to use the pots more secure and comfortable. The glass cover of the pan and post are heat and shatter proof. So you can use them in the oven without thinking of ruining it. The nonsticky surface of the cookware set help on easy cleaning as well. It never sticks any food on the interior of the pots. So, even you accidentally burn anything you can wash them just by spring your regular sponge and dishwashing liquid by hand. If anything gets really messy, just soak the pots for a while in the warm water and then clean them by hand. It will be clean just was before.


  • Nonstick and healthy thermolon ceramic coating.
  • Excellent heat conduction for the reliable cooking result.
  • Contoured riveted stainless steel handles for comfort grip.
  • Convenient glass lid for easy monitoring.
  • Oven safe up to 420F.
  • Start sticking food after using few months.
  • No other color option to choose.

GreenPan Lima Cookware Set Alternatives

Now, this the time to look at some alternative product that you might like. We tried to pick something that is similar to the GreenPan cookware set. Like, the GreenPan Lima 3D I Love Cooking Ceramic Non-Stick 12 Piece Set. This set also comes with 12 pieces, has a thermolon ceramic coating and made of hard anodized metal. You can use them in the oven or wash them in the dishwasher. Its stainless handles are ideal for a comfortable grip. The coating of these cooking pots is very rigid. Its heat resistant more than 850 F, does contain harmful fumes or usually don’t peel, chip or flake easily.

The next one is from GreenLife. The GreenLife Soft Grip 14pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set is a great option for those who are looking for a complete cookware at an affordable price. This item is free form any harmful chemical or materials like PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium. It’s made of aluminum with Thermolon coating. These pots have the bakelite handle with soft touch which always stays cool. You can use them in the oven up to 350F or clean them in your dishwasher. Like the Greenpn Lima, it comes with kitchen utensils.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q- Does it comes with any grill pan?
A- No it’s not.
Q- Where the pans made from?
A- They are made in China and excellent in quality.
Q- Are they suitable to use with metal utensils?
A- No, they are not, you better use wooden or silicone utensils.


Final Verdict

At the end of this GreenPan Lima cookware set review, it appears that this set could be intelligent chose for any kitchen. It has lots essential pots, pans, and utensils that you need for the common kitchen. So, if you are going to buy a cookware set for your new kitchen then surely this one is the best. Also, the GreenPan Cookware Set is reasonable to compare than other trusted brands.


GreenPan Lima 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set Review
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