Hard Anodized Vs Ceramic | Which Type Cookware You Should Buy

Cooking is not a common hobby. It is true that cooking food requires a specific skill and totality. So, it’s natural that there is a particular school that teaches cooking skills and so many people dedicate their lives to cooking. Related to totality in cooking, of course, there is a variety of supporting cooking equipment needed to facilitate cooking and further complete the cuisine made.

Along with the times, there are various cooking utensils with specific technologies, ranging from non-stick cookware, ceramic coating, to the use of hard anodizing technology. For those of you who like to cook, you must be familiar with these various cooking equipment that utilizes these technologies.

Hard-Anodized Vs. Ceramic Cookware

Especially for those who are planning to buy modern cookware, perhaps you are a little confused to determine which type cookware is considered as the best of several options available. For example, you may be confused to determine which one is better between Hard Anodized Vs. Ceramic Cookware. Both are cookware with non-stick technology. Ceramic is the best option for healthy cooking because hard anodized cookware may contain harmful materials for human health.

However, there are some crucial differences that you should know. What are these differences? Check them out below.Hard Anodized Vs Ceramic Cookware

Hard-Anodized Cookware

Hard anodizing is the latest technology in cooking equipment. Many large companies that produce cookware make use of this technology for the cooking utensils they produce. Cookware using this technology is claimed to be nonstick and environmentally friendly. Hard anodizing itself is the latest technology that coats the cookware made from aluminum so as not directly in contact with food. This technology makes the cookware resistant to use for a more extended period, durable, and not abraded or corroded.bialetti cookware

Hard anodized cookware has become one of the latest technologies that get a lot of positive response from many people. This is in line with the health expert’s opinions who claims that the anodizing hard coating covering aluminum will protect the food from directly touching the aluminum metal surfaces. If food is directly contacted to aluminum, it will trigger health problems like cancer, affect the cognitive function, or thinking ability, and affect the function of other organ’s health. Thus, for those who are concerned with health problems must be very thankful for the hard-anodized technology as they are the best nonstick cookware set. Also, there are several other advantages of hard anodized cookware, including:

  • The food or cooking ingredients attach well to the surface of the cookware due to an anodizing hard coating technology
  • Easy to clean
  • The cookware is made from thin and light physical materials that make the cooking activities more comfortable with fun without having to feel pain in the wrist
  • Regarding the pure aluminum materials used, the heat conductivity can spread evenly when the cookware is used for cooking

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Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is a new era of cookware. It is baked in a kiln that makes the ceramic last longer, stronger, and less prone to damage. But this is different from the term ceramics that might be imagined by most people. When cookware is fired-up, the cookware usually will be dipped into the glaze that gives it a non-stick coating. However, it is recommended not to cook using ceramic cookware at high temperatures. This is true because glazing occurs when the cookware is used in extreme temperatures.Vremi 8 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set- best induction cookware 2018

Ceramic cookware is also a good choice when it comes to cookware for many people. Currently, there is so much cookware with marble or ceramic coating offered on the market. One of the hallmarks of ceramic cookware is that there are dots on the surface. The dots found on the surface of the cookware are marble or ceramic layers that are used to coat the surface of the cookware to avoid stickiness and improve durability. Then, what are the advantages of ceramic cookware? Here are some of them:

  • Ceramic cookware can reduce the use of cooking oil in cooking, thereby reducing the risk of high cholesterol
  • Economical, because it uses a little cooking oil
  • Free from harmful materials like PFOA or PTFE
  • Little risk of contamination when frying, so that the cooking oil remains clear
  • There is no metal release from the cookware surface into the food
  • No retention of bacteria, odors, or bad taste from cookware
  • Cookware is not easy to crack and break
  • Not easily porous and easy to clean

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Which One is Better? Hard-Anodized Vs. Ceramic Cookware

Actually to prefer which one should be bought, ceramic Vs. hard anodized cookware, everything goes back to their individual tastes. Both of these cookwares have their own advantages. Both also have a non-stick feature, so it is straightforward to use for cooking. The price also seems worth considering because both types of cookware are sold at a price that is not cheap, even sometimes at a fantastic price. There are even certain brands that offer their cookware products at a pretty incredible price. This is usually because the cookware already has an international food-grade license from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so the cookware is safe to use.

When you have to buy non-stick cookware that you like, whether it is ceramic Vs. hard anodized, you should also pay attention to the environmentally-friendly side. You must also select a brand that has been trusted and meets the FDA’s food-grade standards. This is very important because there are so many fake and low-quality products that just go along with it. In addition, you should also follow the suggestions and instructions about how to use the cookware. For example, ceramic cookware is better used at a medium and not too hot temperature. This is suggested to avoid glazing on the surface of ceramic cookware that occurs when cookware is used at sweltering temperatures.

To be sure, do not be easily fooled by intense promotion from specific cookware brand. This is so because intense developments may obscure the actual fact of cookware. Recognize and understand the positive benefits of each cookware from the health perspective. Although the price is lower, but if the cookware endangers your health, then you should not choose it. So, be wise in selecting and buying cookware is needed for your health and the safety of the environment.

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