Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Ceramic Cookware Perfectly

Talking about ceramic cookware, of course, we also need to know more about How to Clean Ceramic Cookware correctly. Ceramic cookware requires more attention in terms of cleaning it, included in the selection of the right ceramic cookware cleaner. Do not arbitrarily choose a ceramic cookware cleaner on the supermarket. Instead of making our ceramic cookware clean, it actually damaged the cookware. If you are collectors of ceramic cookware, you should not be careless in this case. Therefore, here is information on How to Clean Ceramic Cookware and tips on selecting the right ceramic cookware cleaner.

Several Important Points on How to Clean Ceramic Cookware

As we know that cleaning ceramic cookware requires more attention because of the characteristics of the ceramic material itself that is prone to be scratched. If you are not careful about cleaning it, the ceramic cookware will be broken. For that, you must know the right way or method of cleaning the ceramic cookware, among them:

Always Wash the Ceramic Cookware Immediately after Use it

You need to wash the entire ceramic cookware once finished cooking with it to keep its durability. Also, it can avoid the emergence of stains or faded colors of the ceramic cookware due to all kinds of dirt that are left or accumulated for a long time. Moreover, ceramic cookware like a cup which is often used for serving colored drinks such as tea or coffee.

How to Clean Ceramic Cookware Perfectly
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Soaking Ceramic Using Cold Water

If you want to wash and clean the ceramic cookware, it would be nice to soak them first using cold water. It aims to soften and quickly lift the various food scraps attached to it, thus making it easy to be washed and clean.

Use a Dishwasher Sponge

In general, this method is often practiced by many housewives. Its application is straightforward by merely pouring the ceramic cookware cleaner onto the surface of the cleaning sponge, then wetting the sponge with water, kneading the sponge until it is foaming. Then you will wash the entire surface of ceramic cookware evenly. Rub it in detail so that there are no dirt or food scraps left, which can cause stains on the ceramic cookware.

Apply Lemon Juice

When you finish washing the cookware, it is advisable to apply lemon juice to all parts of the ceramic cookware. Lemon juice can make your ceramic cookware stay clean and look shinier.

Using Vinegar Water

In addition to using lemon juice, you can use vinegar to maximize the cleanliness and durability of the ceramic cookware. This vinegar can also be used to clean the wasteful to keep it clean and shiny.

Using Olive Oil

Another purpose of applying lemon juice or vinegar water on ceramic cookware is to protect the surface of the ceramic cookware. This function and benefit also exist in olive oil even though this method is not too popular. After you finish washing and cleaning the cookware, pour the olive oil into a dry material that will be used to wipe the ceramic cookware, then wipe the material to all parts of the cookware evenly. Leave it for a few minutes, then freshly wipe with a dry fabric or tissue.

Drying Ceramic Cookware Once After Washing It

One thing that is often forgotten and underestimated is drying ceramic cookware once after washing it. Dropping ceramic cookware after washing enables spotting stains caused by water that is not directly drained on the cookware. Especially in water that is not clear and tends to color. Thus, dry it instantly once after washing it.

Do not Pile up Cookware Made from Ceramics

If you often pile up your ceramic cookware, you will face the risk of it getting broken or cracked. When this happens, this will be dangerous because the cracks can cause injury and affect the beauty of the ceramics. You should store your ceramic cookware by arranging it on a shelf. This will make it easier for you to pick it up when you need the cookware.

Store Various Cookware Based on Color, Type, and Size

When you store your ceramic cookware, it should be arranged by color, type, and size. Especially if you are a collector, who likes to collect ceramic cookware. Store it according to its type, such as bowl together with another ceramic bowl, or plate with another ceramic plate. Also, classify it based on shape and color. This needs to be done so that it can make us easier in looking for it. Also, the cookware will look neater.

Selecting a Good Cleaner Product for Ceramic Cookware

In addition to the above points on how to clean ceramic cookware, we can use a ceramic cookware cleaner product to clean our ceramic cookware. Cleaning products that we use also do not arbitrarily selected. Choose a cleanser that is specially formulated for ceramic cookware or furniture. Cleaning products of this kind you can buy in special supermarkets, or you can do searching online at online shopping sites. Examples of ceramic cookware cleaning products that you can find here are Bar Keepers Friend NEW trigger Spray + Foam Cleaner for Ceramic and Chantal Enamel, Ceramic Cookware Cleaner. Both products of ceramic cookware cleaners contain active ingredients that are safe for cookware made from ceramics.

Final Words

Well, after following the explanation above, don’t you think that it is effortless to clean various ceramic-based cookware right? So, don’t be too confused if you must wash or clean your ceramic-based cookware.

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