How to Clean An Electric Skillet | Very Simple and Proven Ways

Electric Skillet also known as an Electric Frying Pan comes with various designs. You can use a regular skillet for cooking some foods. In fact, there is a modern skillet which is called an electric skillet that can be the best alternative just in case you want to buy a new modern frying pan. Somehow, you probably want to know how to clean electric skillet since it has electric components which cannot be exposed to water. Anyway, you may read these following simple tips to clean an electric frying pan as well as other electric skillets that you can do at home with making your electric skilled broken.How to Clean Electric Skillet

Prepare the Equipment for Cleaning

Basically, it is not difficult to clean an electric pan, and you also do not need a lot of equipment to start the cleaning. This equipment is important to clean it properly. What do you need to clean your electric skillet? Here are a few items you may need to prepare before the cleaning up your electric frying pan:

  • Dish Towel
  • Toothpick
  • Nylon Scraper
  • Dish soap
  • Dish sponge
  • Wooden spoon

Before cleaning the skillet, you are recommended to heat up the skillet in medium temperature after you use it for frying. In this case, you may enjoy your meals for a second, but after eating, you can clean the skillet. When you heat the empty skillet, you can take the wooden spoon, then stir the skillet surface. Actually, this heating process will help you easily clean the leftovers.

Steps to Clean An Electric Skillet

How do you clean an electric griddle? After preparing some items or equipment needed, then you can start the cleaning process. The process is actually very simple and easy. Here are a few steps to clean the electric frying pan easily at home.clean presto electric frying pan

Unplug the Cable

You have to keep in mind that an electric skillet uses power to heat up. So, it is important to unplug the cable from the electric port after using it. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous if you just clean it with water while you still plug the cable. Then, you can bring your electric skillet to your sink and ensure that the electrical connector is not exposed to the water unless it will be damaged.

Clean the Interior Part

After making sure the electric components are safe, then you can continue to clean the interior part. In this case, you can take the sponge that you have prepared before. You can also use a dishcloth to clean it. Simply, you can just wash and rub the interior area slowly and gently. You can use the dish soap to make it easy. After that, you can take the nylon scraper that is important to eliminate the remaining leftovers or sticky foods on the surface. This nylon scraper will not damage your electric skillet as long as you rub it gently.

Rinse the Interior Area

After you wash and rub the interior area, then you can continue to rinse the interior with water. It will be better if you use hot water so that the leftovers will go easily. You may also put the pan in a dish drying rack or clean dish towel. Finally, the interior part is cleaned, but you also have to clean the exterior part.

Clean the Exterior Area

You can take the same sponge as you use to clean the interior, but you need to clean it before using the sponge. Simply, you can just rub and wipe the exterior area with the sponge. Usually, the exterior part looks so dirty with some substances or grease. Thus, it is important to repeat it several times so that the exterior area will be cleaned and look shiny again. After that, you can use the sponge for finishing, but you have to soak it in hot water. Next, you just rub the sponge again to make sure that there is not dirt anymore.

Clean the Connector

How do you clean an electric skillet connector? Since an electric skillet has a connector, you also need to clean it properly. In this case, you can take the sponge and give some soap. Then, you just need to wipe the connector, but make sure that the water doesn’t enter the internal area. If you see some debris or grease inside the connection, then you can use a toothpick that you have prepared and eliminate the dirt. Usually, if you use the electric skillet frequently, the connector cord is also dirty with grease. So, you also need to clean it up.

Clean up the Skillet Lid

How do you clean an electric griddle lid? Every electric skillet always has a lid. The lid may also get dirty after you use it. Therefore, it is really important to clean the lid after you use it for frying. The lid may be oily and looks so awful. Moreover, it is very easy to clean the lid because you only need some hot water to clean it. For the perfect result, you can also use soapy water or you can just utilize a dishwasher because the lid is usually dishwasher safe.

Dry the Lid and the Skillet

After you wash the skillet and the lid, you need to make sure that it is dry. In this case, you can use a small towel to dry it. Then, you can also put the connector back, but you also need to dry it so that it is not broken.

Final Words

Those are some simple and easy steps on how to clean electric skillet. And also cleaning presto electric frying pan so that it will always look good and new. Moreover, you also need to clean your electric skillet regularly, especially after using it. Otherwise, your skillet will look awful, and it will be damaged so easily. You also need to use a good sponge to clean it fast and effectively. In addition, you also need to check the connector cord that is usually so dirty with grease.

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