Kitchen Safety | Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Secure

“My kitchen princess Emily” is what my mom always told me. I loved to cook and bake and I have spent many hours in the kitchen creating new cakes or dishes. I still love to cook and bake, but I am different in the kitchen than I was before. I am more careful and why I choose to post the topic “kitchen safety” will be clear after reading the next paragraph.

It was a sunny day and my mom was gardening in the backyard, which is connected to our kitchen. The door was open and my sister and I were busy in the kitchen. As the kitchen princess, I am, I was baking another cake. My little sister who has always looked up to me was watching over my shoulder to get to know some more tricks for a good recipe. I asked my sister if she wanted to mix the ingredients, so she could be a part of it.

Full enthusiasm, she said “YES!” She grabbed the mixer and started too excited on the mixture. The mixer was set too strong for her, and she took it out of the bowl out of panic. During her action, my hair got caught in the mixer and mixed my hair all the way up. I was screaming for help because we both were panicking, and we did not know what to do.Kitchen Safety | Everything You Need to Know

I am not lying when I tell you I could have lost some skin if my mom was not in the backyard. She ran into the kitchen and pulled the mixer out of the plug-in and out of my hair. I was crying so hard because of all the pain. After spending 15 minutes trying to get the mixer out of my hair, we ran to the shower to get everything cleaned up and see what the damage was…

After this happened, I had no hair on a certain spot on my head for at least a couple months. Everything had to grow back and it took, in my opinion, way too long. You have to keep in mind that I was 9 when this happened, so I was absolutely devastated. However, I was so glad that I still had some skin. I could have ended way worse than it did. I absolutely would not have thought at the age of 9, that this could even happen. Neither did my mom, my sister or anyone that heard this story.

Now I am grown up and I have learned so much from this experience. I am not saying everyone should stick their hair into a working mixer to realize how important kitchen safety is, but I do think people should be more careful while cooking or baking. Safety is so extremely important because danger lies in a small corner and in this case even in a mixing bowl. After this experience, I always check if I have my hair tied up, I do not swing with cooking utilities and I always check who is right behind me and if I am working. You need to keep yourself and others from getting hurt in the kitchen.

I have shared this story with many others, and they after hearing out the story they all agree on how important kitchen safety is. According to research by CBS, most accidents happen in the kitchen. 62.9% of accidents are mostly cutting and stab wounds (CBS, 2014). As a side job, I was a waitress and I worked in the kitchen. I tried to be so careful as possible and I tried to look out for others. It is hard to not burn yourself when the whole restaurant is packed, but we managed to keep it as safe as possible.

What I am trying to say with this message and my essay is: just realize what can happen when you are simply cooking a meal in the kitchen. You can easily lose a finger or hurt yourself badly, which will have an effect on you for the rest of your life. Think twice before doing something major in the kitchen. Stand still by the fact that danger can be anywhere and try to prevent it by cooking or baking safely.

This Article Is Written By Emily Arnold

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