Best Ideas for Microwave Oven installation in Your Kitchen

Are you planning to redo your kitchen? To design the perfect layout for your kitchen is essential as it will be the place where you are bound to spend a lot of your time. It’s completely normal to be confused as to where you want to place your units and appliances to minimize hassle and optimize comfort. There are some things you must know before you make the most common mistakes when planning the layout of your kitchen. Microwave Oven installation can be tricky, so check out some ideas where to place your microwave oven.

One thing you must’ve heard is the triangular assembly of the refrigerator, worktop, and the basin works best for most households. All the above three units being in close proximity will provide you with decreased nuisance in the kitchen. This arrangement is often preferred as it allows the food traffic to be directed from the refrigerator to the sink to the stovetop.

What about the other major essential kitchen appliances? Take the microwave oven, for instance. Locating microwave ovens correctly often becomes a subject of confusion. There are a variety of options available in terms of the positioning of your microwave, each having their respective pros and cons. We below discuss some of the most suitable spots for placing your microwave without disturbing the already harmoniously existing assembly, so that you can select the kitchen configuration that’s right for you. However, if you do not already possess this mighty kitchen appliance, we strongly recommend considering getting yourself one.

Best Arrangement for Microwave Installation

1. In a Spare Drawer

Very often, we see the availability of extra cabinets in the vicinity of the counter that can be used to place the microwave. If this is the case with you, consider emptying a cabinet at a desirable height so that moving dishes in and out of the oven doesn’t cause inconvenience. This will give your kitchen a very modern look. You will find this style more in new homes. Microwave Oven in Spare Drawer

Pros- This microwave oven installation allows you to have the microwave oven at the desired height and hence eliminate unnecessary discomfort. Also, it saves you the cost of getting a custom-made shelf for placing your microwave.

Cons- It can be a nuisance for people who use the microwave oven very frequently to open and close the cabinet doors every time they have to use it. Additionally, it’ll need some work to drill a hole for the cords and locate a nearby socket.

2. Below the Worktop

Having your microwave oven installation located right below your counter will be a wise choice. Anyone with limited upper cabinet space is advised to opt for the microwave oven to be below the counter.Microwave Oven in the Below Worktop

Pros- This setup will particularly leave the worktop clear and spacious. Moreover, the oven being right below the counter makes it out of sight from the guest and will give you ease while cooking.

Cons- You might want to reconsider placing the oven at low heights if you have little kids wandering around the house. Also, some users might find it a nuisance to move dishes in and out of the oven if it’s placed a bit too low.

3. In the Island

Placing the microwave in the island makes a smart choice in terms of fair utilization of space. You end up using the area strategically rather than keeping it for additional storage.Microwave Oven In the Island

Pros- This separates the primary kitchen cooking from the microwave oven. An individual can use the microwave oven without any disturbances to another person cooking utilizing the kitchen counter. Additionally, it also saves you the cabinet storages where the appliance would instead have been ended up. This gives you a very modern feel to your kitchen.

Cons Similar to the below the worktop set up, it may pose a threat to the little ones if the oven lies well within their reach. Moreover, it might be a difficult task to locate an active socket near the kitchen island, but most modern homes already come with hookups for microwave appliances on the island.

4. Appliance Wall

This assembly will particularly be appealing to guests and visitors as it involves the coupling of major appliances together near an active electrical socket producing a visually attractive sight. Most of the time, you will see this above the oven. Sometimes you will see it above the stove, and even some people have double ovens.Microwave Oven in the Appliance Wall

Pros- All your appliances are well organized at a single preferable spot that has an active electricity run. Also, it will be easier for you to guide the young ones to be away from the appliance wall rather than forbidding their movement to every other corner of the kitchen.

Con- If the appliance wall happens to be at a slight distance from the counter, some users might face some inconvenience carrying dishes and utensils in and out of the microwave oven. At instances of heavy supper preparations, it might be tough to transfer flaming hot utensils from the stove to the counter due to increased distance.

5. Combined with Cabinetry

This setup is certainly for individuals with a taste for elegance. It will be easier to achieve this setup when you are still planning the layout of your kitchen and microwave oven installation. On the other hand, a lot of changes might be required in case of kitchen remodeling.

Pro- The cabinetry being custom made, the user has complete control over the positioning of the microwave in terms of proximity and height according to the reachability requirements of the user.

Con- If the microwave oven ends up being placed a bit too far from the worktop, the user might find it to his/her inconvenience to carry food to oven from the worktop or vice versa.

6. Alongside the Counter

Often times, the simplest of arrangements work the best. Having a portable microwave right beside your worktop cuts down the unnecessary discomfort of carrying dishes while preparing heavy meals.

Pros- Easily accessible being right beside the working space. Also, this setup spares the cabinet spaces for storages.

Cons- Being right beside the counter, this setup leads to a congested appearance and also reduces space. Moreover, not being isolated, it might become a tough job at occasions where an individual works at the counter and other happens to use the microwave. This makes your home look for dated so I suggest remodeling and getting you microwave oven installation done inside a space that would work best for you.

Final Words

There you have the six best of options for microwave oven installation in the kitchen. This is obviously not a rulebook to be followed to the word. You can always get creative and discover something that’s best for you. Factors like availability of spare cabinets, an active electricity socket in close proximity, and reachability requirements will certainly influence the placement of such appliances no matter what the actual layout is. So, go ahead and choose a spot that satisfies all the essential criteria for your family. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you have so many options of where to do you microwave oven installation.

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