Nuwave Duralon Ceramic Non-stick Cookware 10-Piece Set with Lids Review

In this Nuwave Cookware Reviews, we are going to discuss one of the best cookware set, the nu-wave ultimate cookware set. This cookware is made of high-grade stainless steel both handles and body along with ceramic coating inside. This set is nothing like ordinary nonstick cookware set with Teflon coating. This one is free form PFOA, PRFE or cadmium. So, it’s safe for your family’s health and also for the environment.

This kitchenware is ideal for any type of meal preparation you can use it for sauteing the vegetables, or roast the turkey or make soup. Also its best in slow meat cooking or making stakes. No matter what it will, the Nuwave Duralon is best on among all.nuwave cookware reviews

Nuwave Cookware Reviews- Why you should buy Nuwave Ultimate Cookware Set

You should consider a top class cookware set for your daily cooking. And everyday cooking chores must need something sturdy and stable to use for a long time. In all these points the Nuwave Ultimate cookware set is really reliable. Its stainless steel construction makes it very rigid and suitable for any rough use. You can use them on any cooktop including the induction. Also, they are oven safe as well. In here we are going to discuss some more about the Nuwave ultimate cookware set, especially its major features to determine what facilities it can offer. Have a look below.

A Useful Cookware Set

nuwave ultimate cookware setIndeed, the Nuwave ultimate cookware set is handy. It has almost all the necessary pots for the cooking different type of meal. Lik,e it has the 1.5 quarter saucepan for boiling peas, green beans, corn or other vegetables. You can make the sauce, creamed corn or hot chocolate in it. For more quantity and making things like canned soup, pudding, gelatine, etc. it has the two-quarter saucepan. Also, preparing meals like oatmela mac & cheese, grits or mashed potato, you will get a three-quarter saucepan. For boiling water or making chicken broth, the Nuwave offers 5.5 quarter stock pot. Also for tremendous quality, it has the nine-quarter stock pot so you can use it for slow meat cooking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any fry pan so you may face some trouble with making omelet or pancakes. But you can solve this problem with your old frypan or buy a separate one for Nuwave. (Have a Look at our Expert Recommended Best Ceramic Frying Pans)

Prepare Healthiest Meal

Nuwave Duralon Ceramic Non-stick Cookware 10-Piece Set with Lids ReviewThis Nuwave Cookware review will help you to find out some ultimate features of this cookware set, and the safe and healthier usage is one of them. At that point, the Nuwave ultimate cookware set passed distributionally. First of all, it’s made of premium quality stainless steel which right for heat up the pot quickly and evenly. Also, it’s coated with a ceramic coating. It’s out of PFOA, cadmium or PTEF. So when you are cooking the pot won’t receive any harmful chemical at all. It ensures you the safest meal to eat every day. Besides, its nonsticky surface is excellent for low oil cooking. You don’t need any excess oil to cook your meal. A just little bit of cooking oil, butter or fat will do perfectly for flavoring any food. So, you can have the healthiest food every time which will help you to maintain a healthy diet as well.

Easy to Clean

This nonstick cookware is also easy to clean by hands. It doesn’t get any food while cooking. Also, its smooth nonstick surface releases any burned food just using your regular soap and sponge. This set is not suitable for using the dishwasher. It will weaken the metal so avoid using these pots in the dishwasher for cleaning. The Nuwave cookware reviews find the set is convenient. Even you burn the milk while boiling it will be quite easier to clean all the mess and the odor. If you find anything stubborn to clean just soak it in warm water to avoid all unnecessary scrubbing.


  • Premium grade stainless steel cooking pots.
  • Free from any harmful chemical like PFOA, PTEF, etc.
  • Suitable for less oil, butter cooking.
  • Cool to touch stainless steel handles.
  • Easy to clean by hands.
  • No frypans are included.
  • The nonstick coating gets scratch quickly.

Alternative Products

In this Nuwave cookware review, now we are going to discuss some alternative nonstick cookware set that you can consider to use or compare with the Nuwave Duralon. At first, we are going to talk about Cuisinart 10 Piece Champagne Set, 10.25″, 59-10CH. This cookware set is PTFE and PFOA, and petroleum free and safe to use for healthier cooking. This aluminum made pots are good for heat up quickly and evenly. However, these pots are also scratch resistant, includes the protective exterior and very durable.

Our next best cookware set is Pots and Pans Set Cooksmark Ceramic Cookware. This set includes ten pieces of cooking pots, pans, and lids. These pots are very beautifully designed with copper exterior and white ceramic coating. You can use them in the oven or wash in the dishwasher. Moreover, this set is scratch resistant and very durable. You can use them for many years without losing the coating or dig the metal.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q- Is it suitable to use on an induction cooktop?
A- Yes, you can use the cookware on an induction cooktop.
Q- Does it comes with any warranty service?
A- It comes with ten years of free warranty service.
Q- Are they metal utensil safe?
A- Yes, they are metal utensil safe.


Final Verdict

At the end of Nuwave cookware reviews it can be said that that, these pots are meant for professional cooking performance. It’s durable, made with quality materials a safe to use for your everyday cooking. You can compare it with some other ceramic nonstick cookware, but this one surely takes the first place among all of them. So, for the best cookware set, you can invest in the Nuwave ultimate cookware set.

Nuwave Duralon Ceramic Non-stick Cookware 10-Piece Set with Lids Review
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