Using Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove | Here is What You Need to Know

Some people are Using Cast Iron on Glass Top Stoves confidently. Other people worry that cast iron skillets or pans can break their newly bought glass top stove. As we all know, ceramic or glass stovetops are very popular in our society. This particular stove has a modern look, and it is gleaming and appealing. Naturally, most people want to keep their glass top stoves in perfect condition as long as possible. Any scratch to your glass top stove can change the appearance as a whole.Using Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove

The fact is that a little accident can scratch your glass top stove easily. If you drag cast iron pans or skillets over the glass stove, you will leave a severe scratch on the surface of your stove. Some people may say that using Cast Iron Skillets on a glass top stove is possible. However, this should be done with great precaution as heating elements on your stove can damage easily. Additionally big and heavy cast iron skillets can break your stove easily. It is true that glass and ceramic stoves offer many benefits, especially if you compare it to any traditional types of stoves available. However, these two materials cannot hold big and heavy cast iron skillets or pans securely.

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How to Protect Glass Top Stove from Cast Iron

We know that people spend a lot of money on beautiful shiny new glass-top stoves.  Most people are hesitant to use cast iron pans or skillets for fear of staining, scratching, or even cracking. However, using a cast-iron skillet on a glass top stove is safe enough if you use it correctly. To protect your glass or ceramic stove, some precautions need to be taken. So, how do you use cast iron on a glass top stove? Here are some answers to your question.

Don’t Slide Cast Iron Skillets on Your Glass Top Stove

Some people may worry that Using Cast Iron on Glass Stove will damage their glass top stove. The kitchen team from the prominent cast iron cookware manufactures in the US, conduct a series of tests on these matters of iron skillets on glass stovetops. The test results show that cast iron cookware is safe enough for glass top stoves. However, you should not slide or drop it over the surface of the glass stove. Cast iron skillets with engraved designs on the bottom are fine. But rough edge and chipped cast iron should not be used as they can scratch your glass top stove surface within no time.

Keep your Cast iron Cookware Clean

how to protect glass top stove from cast ironUsing cast iron on glass top stoves is fine as long as you use it with care. Very often we find oil and other types of residue left on the bottom of cast iron pans and skillets. When these oils or materials are heated, they can carbonize and leave a black mark on your glass-top stove. To avoid this kind of mark, you have to remove and clean your cast iron cookware each and after use. Clean both the interior and exterior and leave it dry before the next use.  Clean and wipe off the dirt from your glass top stove too.

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Cast Iron Heats More Slowly on an Electric Glass Stove

The gas flame heats your cast iron cookware quickly. However, electric cooktops need some time to warm up. We recommend you to heat your cast iron cookware on the low-level heat then bring it to medium-high heat; this will distribute the heat evenly. For thick and large size cast iron griddles, you may need to pre-heat it several times.

The Cons of Using Cast Iron on Glass Top Stoves

Cast iron cookware is very wildly popular. Cast iron cookware is suitable for the conventional stove. This kind of cookware is rarely used with the glass top stove. Follow these tips below to keep your glass top stove damage-free while cooking with cast iron.

  • The Weight of Cast Iron Cookware

There is no doubt that cast iron cookware is heavier than any other type of modern cookware. If you fill it with soup or water, you actually add more weight on it. If you place this heavy cookware on the glass stove, put a lot of pressure on the glad cooktop. The cooktop may able to tolerate the weight, but it can easily crack and break.

  • Flat Bottoms

If you want to distribute heat evenly, you need flat bottom pots and pans. On the other hand, most cast Iron cookware has an uneven bottom surface. Therefore, most cast iron cookware is not suitable for glass stove.

  • Size

Recommendation for pot size is about one inch larger than the burner. We all know that most of cast iron cookware is much more significant the size than stove burner. If the pot is too large for the burner, then the heat cannot distribute it evenly.

  • Rough Finish

Most cast iron has a rough finish that can scratch the surface of you’re a glass cooktop. In this case, you have to choose cast iron coated with porcelain enamel. However, a very high setting for a long period of time on enamel coated cookware can destroy your burner element. Therefore, stainless steel cookware is the best choice for a glass top stove. You should avoid aluminum too as this kind of cookware leaves a gray mark to your shiny glass top stove.

  • Induction Cooktops

Glass top stoves are equipped with the latest technology to produce heat instantly. In this case, a heating element underneath the glass that heats the pans uses a magnetic field to produce heat directly to the pan. Therefore, the actual cooktop doesn’t get too hot. However, this only happens if you use magnetic on an induction cooktop. Cast-Iron cookware or skillets need a high temperature for delicious cooking.

Final Words

If you do it with care using cast iron on glass top stove is possible. Therefore, you can use your present cast iron cookware that you have. In the future, you can buy cookware that is most suitable for your glass top stove. In this case, stainless steel cookware is the best cookware that will meet with your needs.

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