What is Eco Friendly Cookware and How to Choose?

Eco Friendly Cookware has become a hot topic of today’s modern kitchen. When it comes to cookware, there are different types of cookware available on the market. Buying cookware is easy as there are many online and in cookware stores that sell various kinds of cookware for different purposes. Manufacturing and selling cookware is a big business that makes over a billion dollars every year. Cookware manufacturers produce high-quality cookware that we need. The fact is that a new trend is developing in our society. More and more people are concerned about their health. Not only that they will eat healthy food and do regular exercise, but they are also very worried about cookware that they use to cook every day.What is Eco Friendly Cookware

Many experts believe that some of the cookware affects our health in various ways. This is true especially for Teflon coated nonstick cookware. Many experts think that Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), makes a chemical that creates Teflon can affect our health. On the other hand, nonstick cookware is very popular in our society. Therefore, the different types of research was conducted by the primary cookware manufacturer. The study aims to produce nonstick cookware that does not affect our health. Today more and more people use eco-friendly cookware that claims to be the best non-toxic cookware available. Today we are going to discuss eco-friendly cookware and how to choose the best Eco-friendly cookware that you need.

So, what is Eco Friendly Cookware?

Some people are wondering what Eco Friendly Cookware is and why this cookware is a favorite in our society. Eco-Friendly Cookware is cookware that helps the environment. This means that this particular product is made from a sustainable material that will not hurt our environment. Additionally, this kind of cookware is also biodegradable. Some of the old cookware product like cast iron pans and pots are environment-friendly.

This kind of cookware will last for a generation. However, if you want to make your cast iron perform well, special care needs to be given to your iron cast pots and pans. Seasoning is a special treatment given to cast iron cookware. This treatment includes rubbing the pot or pan with oil then heating it on a high temperature on your stove. This treatment is only given for new iron cast cookware. Once you have seasoned it, you shouldn’t have to reseason it again.

How to Choose Eco Friendly Cookware?

Buying eco-friendly cookware is easy as there are many cookware manufactures that produce a wide variety of eco friendly cookware. Here are a few examples of eco-friendly cookware brands that you can buy

Cuisinart’s Green Gourmet Cookware

Cuisinart's Green Gourmet Cookware - best eco friendly cookware set


Unlike other cookware products, this particular brand offers eco-friendly cookware sets that use ceramic-based non-stick technology to replace the conventional petroleum-based non-stick surface. This new technology helps us to preserve oil consumption. This product is entirely safe as there is no polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) involve.

To achieve better heat conductivity, this brand uses hard anodized cookware that allows you to cook with less energy requirement. The stainless steel handles are also made of 70% recycle steels. Moreover, they use 100% recycled material for their packaging. The ink printed on the packaging box is made from soy ink. All the product are covered with a lifetime warranty.

Bialetti Aeternum

Bialetti Aeternum - Non Toxic Cookware Set


This is a trusted cookware brand that is widely used by many families all over the world. Bialetti Aeternum produces high quality and healthy cookware that you need. All the product are free from a dangerous chemical like Cadmium PTFE and PFOA. For the best quality, the interior is made from the nano-ceramic coating. This coating is made from silicate and titanium that is usually used to create glass.

The cookware interior is specifically designed to resist any scratches. All exteriors are made from scratch-resistant silicone. This particular cookware has high heat conductivity that allows you to cook with less energy consumption. This product is suitable for a ceramic stove, cooking, electric, and gas. However, you cannot use this cookware for induction cooktops.

Original Green Pans

Original Green Pans Cookware Set


Another best-selling Eco Friendly Cookware on our list. Unlike any other brands, the Original Green Pans offer a high-quality product that uses Thermolon non-stick technology. This technology allows the cookware to be able to withstand up to 850°F without peeling, blistering, or emitting any toxic fumes. Thermolon non-stick technology is also known for its excellent thermal conductivity that allows you to cook with less energy. You only need to set up your stove from low to medium temperatures. All sides and handles are made from recycled stainless steel. The body of the cookware is made from recycled aluminum. These products are lead and cadmium free.

Ozeri Green Earth Smooth Ceramic Cookware

Ozeri Green Earth Smooth Ceramic Cookware


As we all know that there are many Eco Friendly brands for cookware available. Each one of the brands usually offer the best cookware technology for the customer to choose from. Another cookware brand that provides sophisticated technology to their cookware is Ozeri Green Earth Smooth Ceramic Cookware.  This is an eco-friendly pan that is known for its coating technology use. Ozeri Green Earth Smooth Ceramic Cookware uses Greblon ceramic coating. This is a German coating technology that enables this pan to withstand very high temperature without releasing harmful chemicals or toxins. This pan has a scratch-resistant surface too. This unique pan also has a magnetized bottom that allows heat to be distributed evenly.

Scanpan Professional

Scanpan Professional Cookware Set


Just like any other sophisticated cookware Scanpan professional is equipped with a green non-stick surface. This particular pan is coated with ceramic-titanium that is free from PFOA. This specific brand offers a wide range of cookware that includes: a saucepan, a grill pan, sauté pans, frying pans, steel lids, and a Dutch oven.

When you cook with Scanpan extreme high heat should be avoided as recommended by the manufacturer. Scanpan is dishwasher-safe and oven-prove too. You can use this special pan on halogen stoves, induction tops, gas, and even an electric stovetop.

Final Words

Cookware comes to the market at various types and sizes. If you want to buy cookware, you need to choose the best cookware available on the market. Eco Friendly Cookware is a trendy type of cookware that will not allow you to cook quickly but at the same time also allow you to cook healthy food.

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